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Rob Picazo

Rob Picazo is a Soul artist who draws inspiration from the sounds of Chicago, New Orleans and Memphis in the 60’s and 70’s. His caramel smooth vocals sit over boiling guitars, simmering organ, soulful horns and funky rhythms. His self penned songs reflect themes of vulnerability, intensity and heartache.


A a child, exploring his father’s vast record collection, the calls of Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Gospel were loud and clear, and so the explosive genius of Ray Charles, smooth Gospel tones of Sam Cooke, and the seductive preaching of Solomon Burke led to an obsession with the genre directly influencing Rob's own musical style.

His album ‘Soothe My Soul’ released in 2023, is comprised of 11 songs conceived amidst a whirlwind of heartbreak, loneliness and romance, and began life in a small Battersea lockup, before Rob’s signing with the Memphis-based label Court Square Recordings saw the album’s recording completed in the home of Blues and Southern Soul, with the help of exceptional musicians like Charles Hodges, Kirk Smothers, Lannie McMillan and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ own Stewart Cole.


Singles released from 'Soothe My Soul' have made it onto Jazz FM's playlists and the album nominated as 'Album of The Week'.


Roberto Picazo
Roberto Picazo
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