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Welcome to Through The Door Artist Management

For Artists


Having worked in music administration for almost 10 years, I had developed relationships with a number of local musicians and bands. I could see that while they excelled at their creativity and performance skills, they often lacked the time, promotional or organisational skills needed to push their career forward.


That’s where I come in!


I enjoy organising - be that events, people or itineraries, but have no desire (or the necessary skill!) to be in front of an audience myself - it’s a match made in heaven!! 


I have worked with venues from small, intimate spaces through to large regional theatres up to project managing seasons at Fringe festivals around the world. 


I am particularly keen to work with unsigned artists who may need support so they can focus on being creative.


Having completed Artist Management and Music Marketing and Promotion courses I am now available to help you with your general administrative needs and all the behind the scenes work that a Manager would usually do.


If you would like to discuss anything in more detail please contact me on the details below.


For Venues/Bookers


Through The Door works with a range of artists from those starting out on their music career and looking to build up experience of playing live through to more established artists who have sold out venues and have an existing fan base.


Please contact us if you are interested in booking an artist on our roster or if you would like some guidance on who would be suitable for a specific venue/event.

Email me at or complete the contact form below

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