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Steve Hewitt

The self-proclaimed 'Americana with English roots' artist hails from Kent (UK). Raised on an eclectic mix of genres, Steve is noted for drawing upon a pool of influences from traditional folk-roots through to modern pop rock. He remains artistically comfortable with never fitting in perfectly within any specific stylistic category. It's this cross-genre appeal of his music that has seen him open stages for a diverse range of artists such as Newton Faulkner, Jenn Bostic, Emma Stevens, Toploader, Ronan Keating, Jaz Ellington plus many more. As a seasoned live performer, Steve has built his reputation through extensive gigging and appearances at major events such as Black Deer Festival and Car Fest along with various community festivals around the UK. 


Steve hewitt

The launch of his 2019 debut album Bigger Than Words (Engineer Records) received accolades from several national music magazines and propelled Steve's music to be aired on independent radio stations around the globe. With momentum naturally affected by the Covid-19 lock downs, Steve sought to complete material for his crowd-funded album. Steve is in the process of releasing a number of singles whilst work is underway with his long-awaited 'Never Two Days the Same' LP.


Steve's 2023 released single and Country flavoured 'Fly' was produced by fellow British songwriter and international touring artist James Kirby. The track has since earned Steve 'Artist of The Week' on Richer Unsigned, numerous press/radio interviews including BBC Radio Kent and inclusions on syndicate radio shows such as International Americana Music Show and the 600+ station endorsed Country Legends In The Making. 


Steve Hewitt's music is acoustic at heart, melodically driven and lyrically unafraid to reflect his own emotions and life experiences. Jealous Man video Fly video

Steve hewitt
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